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We translate and interpret all languages. We have professional translators and interpreters.  Translators and interpreters have a good command of both source and target languages.

Besides their education backgrounds (at least a Bachelor’s degree in language), we hire translators and interpreters who prove a sound experience in the profession of translation and interpretation. The involved staff should have their mother tongue as target language.

The challenge in translation is to be faithful to the source language and be as idiomatic as possible in the target language (this is referred to as ‘serving two masters’). This means that a translation product should not sound as a translation in the eyes of the beneficiary or reader of the translation product.

To be more concrete, if we have a translation assignment from English into French, the translation should not sound as English. French has its own idiomatic expressions, its structure and syntax which are different from English.


A translator keeps the message of the source language and renders it in the target language by respecting the culture and the idiomatic expressions of the target text. To succeed, we never use google translation, as this is word for word translation without taking into account the context.

Instead, we use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) software such as Wordfast and Trados from which we get accurate and reliable solution in each assignment related to translation and interpratation.

These translation software help to build  translation memories and glossaries and whenever  you have to translate a similar translation unit, the software indicates you that such a translation unit has already been translated and provides you with the  recorded translation from what you have already translated, with the percentage of the similarity between the current translation unit and the built translation memory.

Therefore, you have to confirm or make slight modifications taking into account the context.

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